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My swedish is so bad and google translate is a bit fake and often results in strange sentences, so will do this in english..

Shozy Rouge is a beautifull looking inear, it is handpainted no 2 are the same, so every single set/unit is unique.

They stray away from the "Usual sound", but not in a bad way,it is a fresh and wonderfull presentation and they have in my own world overtaken the place of much more exprnsive inears, there is just some kind of magic over how they sound and look.

The technical part of it: hybrid inear one dynamic driver and 2 Balanced armatures, the dynamic drivers are Beryllium coated and the BA are from Knowles. so high quality from the starting point. They are easy to drive 32 Ohms and 113 Db/W if the numbers do not really tell you anything, take my word for it, it will be difficult finding something that has trouble driving theese inears.

In contrast to many inears they do not have an all powerfull pumping bass, they have a nice bass, refined and the powerfull bass is not missed in any way.

The midtone is sweet and nice, midtone is very seldom a weakpoint in headphones and inears and it is not here either, clear distinkt details and good voices.

Treble is not heavily rolled of, there is no sibilans, nice and precise in this department.

Soundstage is bigger than usual for an inear.

When you put the above toogether you get a very well sounding unit that won´t make you tired of listening to it.

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